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Not to be confused with Bitcoin Jesus, Bitcoin God is an actual alternative form of Bitcoin which will be created on December 25th (Add this date to your Calendar to claim the Free Bitcoin God Coins). The goal is to introduce this fork at block height 501,225 on the Bitcoin network, which is expected to be mined around Christmas Day. Given that Bitcoin’s mining difficulty will increase in a few hours from now, that date may be off by a few hours or even days. It all depends on how many miners will stick around.

From what little information we do know about Bitcoin God, it seems there will be 21 million GOD in circulation at its peak. There will also be no pre-mine, which makes it very different from Bitcoin Gold. So far, no exchanges have confirmed support for this new fork, nor have any wallets committed to providing support at this time.

This is the Bitcoin God official slack link of Bitcoin God, please follow up

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